Story Hydromel

Known to men long before beer and wine, Mead, arguably one of the oldest fermented beverages in the history of mankind, has accompanied people and civilizations through the ages.

Ancient Romans were fond of Mead, Honey and many other Honey preparations. Most often these drinks are reserved for the wealthy population, but also for offerings.

Among the Greeks, this drink was called Ambrosia, which means Immortal and it was the drink of the Gods of Olympus. As for the Gauls, they considered it a drink that gives strength and cheerfulness.

A people of daring sailors and warriors, skillful merchants, the Vikings would lead forays across all of Europe and even beyond. Honey and Mead occupy a preponderant place in the rites, and Norse mythology.

The Bee and Honey are charged with a strong symbolism among the Celts. No wonder they long considered the resulting Mead as the drink of Kings, Druids, Poets …

Hippocrates saw in the consumption and use of honey a means of reaching extreme old age. Although not all of the ancients had its wisdom, many were those who resorted to Honey for the preparation of beverages and many beverages.

Mead was an Aphrodisiac drink, an Elixir of Love to enchant the partner, a drink consumed during the Honeymoon … As if Mead were none other than the drink of Love and Fairies …