Miel d'Ours...belille

The universe of bees is fascinating.

Man has been interested for several thousand years in this perfectly structured and organized miniature world, capable of producing this substance so rich, sought after and appreciated that is honey.
Since the domestication of the bee, the virtues of different honeys and other bee products have been discovered including mead or honey wine. Pollen, royal jelly, wax and propolis are now collected and used in cooking, medicine, pharmacology, cosmetics.

The Hydromel (Mead) Honey wine


Crafted with selection of honey quality done a sensation escape…



We recover the wax that the bees produce and we make with candles, soaps, hydrating cream.

Certified Organic

100% Guarantee

French product with different honey

All our products come from beehives

A percentage of sales is donated to our association "Save The Bees"

Hydromel, Honey Wine

Bières au miel

Une bière tout en douceur...

Miel, Bougies

Our products are quality exceptional

Come and Try...

Our products are ORGANIC

Customers Reviews

Wow really great. The mead is really good, great atmosphere, great products and all are organic. I recommend..

We work with nature

We respect the environment...

J'ai étré ravi de découvrir les produits des ruches chez eux. Une équipe au top, des produits extras.....à bientôt et merci.
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